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User Creation in Salesforce

This post is for the best practices to be kept in mind while loading users in the system. If client business users starts getting notification when they are not supposed to then that could create chaos. Below are the points which needs to be considered while loading users in the system.

  1. User Template: User data should be gathered before hand, to make sure that we are not missing any information which we are supposed to be asked to client. Template should be used so that no data would be missed. Attached is the user template using which we could ask client to provide all user detailsĀ UsersTemplate.
  2. SSO consideration: If the salesforce org is using SSO then federation id should be asked before hand and should be part of user template.
  3. Multicurrency: If salesforce org uses multicurrency then it would be good to include that CurrencyIsoCode column in the user template.
  4. External Id: No matter how much you plan but you could have some wrong data like incorrect firstname, lastname etc. It would be a good practice to create external id in user object so that users could be upserted and data could be corrected.
  5. Email Id change: Whenever user’s email ids are changed then users gets notification for confirming the email address and also notification is sent to the email id which you are changing. If you want to change the email ids without any notification to users then you can turn of the Email Deliverability to “No Access”. This will make sure that email id is changed without creating any chaos of notifications.
  6. Reset Password: Whenver user loading process is going on it would be good to turn off Email Deliverability. When you think that now its the time to welcome users then you can reset the password. Users will get the email to set their passwords.
  7. Feature Licenses: If you want to activate some feature licenses then that could be added as a part of user template.


    Feature Licenses

  8. Welcome Email: If you want to send welcome emails to user for helping with the documents to understand salesforce and with next steps. To implement this you would need to create email template and which would be used by workflow rule on user object.

Above list could act as a checklist for your plan of creating users in salesforce.