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Notifications for Scheduler if they don’t run.

Hi all, We use schedulers and batches in salesforce for many reasons like daily cleanup, daily processing of data and there comes the need of checking that if your scheduler is running properly with the specified time interval. Here is the solution to get the notification if your scheduler did not run within a particular interval. You will get a nice email alert if the scheduler is not running.

Follow the following steps.

1. Create one object Notification with name as text field and a checkbox as notify (Notify__c).

2. Create the “Notify_after_one_hour__c” datetime field in the notification object.

3. Create the following method in your Notification class.

4. Create the workflow rule as follows


This workflow rule adds an action to send the email after one hour of the “Notify_after_one_hour__c” date time field from the notification object. Here just call the method from the notification method and specify the greater time interval in minutes than the duration between two consecutive executions of scheduler. Call this Notification.addNotificationFor(‘<JobName>’,<duration in minutes>). Let’s say there is a scheduler which runs at the interval of two hours and you want to get notified it the scheduler did not run after 2 hours. Then just add this line to the start of the schduler as


Here I have set time as 130 minutes. Here first time when this method gets executed it will add an action to send email after 2hours and 10 minutes. If the scheduler runs properly after 2 hour then this method will get again executed and the time dependent action will get recalculated and email notification will be forwarded ahead by 2 hours and suppose if scheduler did not run after 2 hours then email notification will not get again forwarded and you will get email notification after 2hours and 10 minutes.

This can be used in schedulers, regularly running jobs.

I hope this will help to get notified if your important job is not running after specified time interval.