Custom Picklist

Hi all, In Picklist you can not have more than 1k entries. But I ran into a scenario where I wanted to show State, City and Pincodes as Picklist which were more than 1K. So the option was to create City a dependent picklist of State and a Pincode which is dependent of City. States were very less, but the cities count exceeded the limit of 1k entries and Pincodes were way higher. So went with the decision of making Custom Objects for state, city and pincode and manage dependencies with lookups. City will have lookup to State and Pincode will have lookup to City. But then came the problems of writting much code on the side of controller and as well as page to populate State,City and Pincode options in controller and then managing action support so that when state changes City needs to be also changed. So I thought why not to create a component which takes care of all issues. I have created a Picklist component which can show any lookup as picklists and also manages dependencies.


1: You can use with fieldset and every lookup can be changed to picklist.

2: Picklist(sobject) dependencies can be maintained. In demo page only those contacts are shown which are under selected account.

3. Fast response because Js Remoting is used.

4. No need to write any extra apex code to populate options and action supports to manage picklist dependencies.

5. View state less.


Here is the code for Custom Picklist Component


Here is the code for Custom Piklist Controller

Demo Page Code



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